Static web hosting, built for developers.

Deploy your front-end website with all the best practices in under a minute. Everything you should be doing.

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Blazing Fast

We put your site onto our global CDN, giving you lightning fast load times anywhere in the world.

No Hassle

Gather info from a contact form, get free SSL, configure custom routing, and much more.

Easy Deploy

Upload your files in the dashboard or use our open-source CLI to instantly deploy your site with zero hassle.

Perfect Hosting for Single-page Apps

Did you just come out with your new web app built in that popular JS framework? Let us host it for you! Our hosting works really well with libraries such as React, Angular, Ember, Backbone, and others. Check out our docs for more info.

Have your site ready in no time.

Our product is currently in a private beta. If you want to check it out, just put your email into the form below and we'll get in touch with you!